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2CRSi (Paris:2CRSI) and Linkoffice, the B2B VDI1 expert, signed yesterday a contract for the supply of compute and storage servers.

The contract covers the supply of a hardware and software infrastructure that integrates Xeon® Platinum processors, Intel®’s most leading edge processors to date. The first firm order (around one quarter of the total) will be delivered in 2020. Subsequent orders will depend, among other things, on the successful execution of the first delivery. The contract period is four years.

2CRSi’s technical solution includes a direct liquid cooling system and very high data storage capacity. For reasons of reliability and national preference, the platform will be hosted at a French datacentre which, combined with a system for reusing waste heat, will help to sharply reduce Linkoffice’s ecological footprint and operating costs.

The COVID-19 health crisis has sparked an acceleration of certain trends within corporates. Broader use of remote working has led to an increased need for an “office linkup” that is robust, permanent and secure. During this unprecedented crisis, Linkoffice successfully supported all its clients in implementing a home office working model (more than 10,000 employees in less than 48 hours), demonstrating once again the reliability and simplicity of its solution for accountancy firms.

Under the contract, Linkoffice will benefit from 2CRSi's commercial backing: the Linkoffice offering will henceforth be proposed across the Group’s entire distribution network in France and abroad, both among accountancy firms and in various other areas in which information confidentiality is a critical stake.

This new order from Linkoffice, a new client of 2CRSi, puts it among the company's top 20 French clients in 2020.

Next event: publication of the 2019/2020 results on July 8, 2020 post trading.

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About 2CRSi

Founded in Strasbourg (France), 2CRSi group develops, produces and sells high-performance customised and environmentally-friendly servers. In the financial year 2019/2020, the Group achieved pro forma turnover of €144.6m. The Group today has 352 employees and markets its offer of innovative solutions (processing, storage and network) in more than 45 countries. 2CRSi has been listed since June 2018 on the regulated market of Euronext in Paris (ISIN Code: FR0013341781) and is included in the European Rising Tech label. For further information please visit:

About Linkoffice

Created in Strasbourg, Linkoffice has been in operation for more than 15 years, hosting the information systems of its clients. Having specialised in outsourcing for accountancy firms in the past, today it serves corporates of all sizes, from very small to large companies with several hundred users. It has created an evolving infrastructure that is state-of-the-art, high-performing and highly stable. For more information, see

1 Virtual desktop interfacing (VDI) is a cloud-based solution allowing users to access a virtual PC interface from a remote server.

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