• Remobilizing of all employees, suppliers and shareholders around the common objective of developing innovative therapies
  • The embodiment of a fundamental responsibility towards patients, waiting for solutions in the rarest diseases

Regulatory News:

ABIONYX Pharma (FR0012616852 - ABNX - PEA PME eligible), a new generation biotech company dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative therapies for patients, today announces that its “raison d’être” has been unanimously approved by all shareholders represented at the last General Meeting on June 11, 2021, and will now be included in the company's articles of association.

This “raison d'être” will enlighten the company's future strategic choices and long-term guidance at the heart of the public health, economic and societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

A clear and strong commitment to an ESG approach for a strategic model that creates even more positive impacts in healthcare

Committed to an ESG approach, ABIONYX Pharma affirms its willingness to move towards a strategic model that creates even more positive impact for all its stakeholders.

The “raison d'être”, co-constructed with its collaborators and stakeholders, which is "to develop innovative therapies in indications with no effective or existing treatment, even the rarest ones, for the benefit of patients" is the coherent and conscious outcome of all the developments carried out by ABIONYX Pharma over the last two years. Following an in-depth review of the high-potential products in development in the company's portfolio, the advanced and solid innovation skills of its employees, and the increasingly positive impact on all of its stakeholders (patients, physicians, hospitals and caregivers, suppliers, shareholders, etc.), the company has been able to assess the positive effects of the innovative development of one of its products, CER-001 :

- first in an ultra-rare renal disease within the framework of a compassionate use thanks to nominative Temporary Use Authorizations,

- then in a Phase II clinical trial in a disease affecting more than 2 million people worldwide in sepsis at high risk of Acute Kidney Injury,

- finally, in the context of extending the potential of the innovation to ophthalmological indications, the result of an unprecedented decompartmentalization between medical specialties such as nephrology and ophthalmology thanks to the pleiotropic action of natural HDL.

This “raison d'être” marks the continuation of a very engaging process for the company, but also the formalization of the strategy initiated since 2019 by ABIONYX Pharma to accelerate its evolution into a positive impact company.

A roadmap to build in the transition to health for the greatest number

Having established its “raison d'être”, the company is now developing a roadmap around :

- Health for the greatest number of people, because it is important to contribute to the development of innovative therapies that allow the treatment of as many patients as possible, even for the rarest diseases.

- Production of biomedicines in France, because it guarantees control of the complex and strategic CER-001 biomanufacturing value chain for Europe, in compliance with some of the most demanding environmental and social conditions in the world.

- The socio-economic impact, because the commercial, financial and human activity of ABIONYX Pharma generates an impact on society, the economy and the environment.

The definition of the “raison d'être” marks the company's willingness to become a committed company by developing a new generation biotech business model that is inseparable from an ambition to have a positive impact on the health of the greatest number of people, for example through biomedicines such as bio-HDL.

About ABIONYX Pharma

ABIONYX Pharma is a new generation biotech company that aims to contribute to health through innovative therapies in indications where there is no effective or existing treatment, even the rarest ones. Thanks to its partners in research, medicine, biopharmaceuticals and shareholding, the company innovates on a daily basis to propose drugs for the treatment of renal and ophthalmological diseases, or new HDL vectors used for targeted drug delivery.

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