Regulatory News:

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and in order to safeguard all shareholders, employees and service-providers, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Teleperformance SE (Paris:TEP) (the “Company”), upon delegation of the Board of Directors, has taken the difficult but necessary decision to hold the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting convened for Thursday, April 22, 2021 (the “Shareholders’ Meeting”) in closed session, i.e., without the physical presence of shareholders and other persons having the right to attend.

This decision is made in accordance with Ordinance No 2020-321 of March 25, 2020, as extended and amended by Ordinance No 2020-1497 of December 2, 2020 and Decree No 2020-418 of April 10, 2020 as extended and amended by Decree No 2021-255 of March 9, 2021.

Given the number of people who usually attend the Meeting, the Company cannot provide or hire any space that would comply with the health measures set forth by Decree No 2020-1310 of October 29, 2020 to address the Covid-19 epidemic and fight against its propagation.

The preliminary notice to the Shareholders’ Meeting, including the agenda of the meeting, the text of resolutions submitted to the meeting’s approval and the main instructions on how to vote at that Meeting, was already published on March 3, 2021, in the Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires (BALO). We are now informing shareholders and other qualifying attendees to the Meeting that, contrary to what is mentioned in that notice, the Shareholders’ Meeting will be held in closed session.

The convening notice will be published on April 2, 2021 in the BALO and in a legal gazette. Those notices will also be available on the Company's website: section Investor Relations/Shareholders/General Meetings.

The Shareholders’ Meeting will be broadcasted live on the Company's website ( and a session of questions and answers will be organized for shareholders. A video recording of the Shareholders’ Meeting will also be made available on a replay basis within the delay required by regulations.

It is specified that, due to the technical impossibility of their identification, shareholders will not be able to take part or vote via teleconferencing or videoconferencing. No admission cards will be delivered. Shareholders are therefore requested to vote remotely in advance of the Shareholders’ Meeting (either by post or electronically via the VOTACCESSS secure voting platform) or to give proxy to the Chairman of the Shareholders’ Meeting or a third party. Shareholders are also encouraged to send all requests for sending documents by electronic means.

All the modalities for participating in this Meeting will be indicated on the Company's website under section Investor Relations/Shareholders/General Meetings. Shareholders are asked to consult this section regularly for updates.

Availability of preparatory documents - Request to send documents

The preparatory documents for the Meeting specified by Article R. 22-10-23 of the French Commercial Code will be published on the Company's website ( section Investor Relations/Shareholders/General Meetings) no later than the twenty-first day preceding the Meeting.

The documents to be presented at the meeting pursuant, in particular, to Articles L. 225-115 and R. 225-83 of the French Commercial Code, will be made available on the Company's website or upon request by email sent to .

As from the convening, shareholders will be able to request the Company to send them the documents and information mentioned in Articles R. 225-81 and R. 225-83 of the French Commercial Code, up to the fifth day (inclusive) before the Meeting, preferably by email to: or by post to the registered office (Teleperformance SE, 21/25 rue Balzac 75008 Paris, France).

Shareholders’ written questions

Starting from the availability of the preparatory documents are made available, any shareholder is entitled to submit written questions to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. These written questions must be sent, preferably by email to: (or alternatively by registered mail with notice of receipt to the Company's registered office). To be taken into account, those questions must imperatively be received before the end of the second business day preceding the date of the Meeting, accompanied by a certificate of account registration. The written questions asked by shareholders, and the answers that would be given, will be published on the Company’s website ( in a section dedicated to questions and answers of the Shareholders’ Meeting within the delay set forth by regulations. In accordance with applicable legal provisions, written questions could be answered together if they would have the same content.


The scrutineers for the Meeting will be appointed in accordance with applicable regulations: the role will be proposed to shareholders among the ten shareholders with the largest number of voting rights to the Company's knowledge at the date the meeting is convened. The identity and functions of those appointed will be published as required by regulations.


Teleperformance (TEP – ISIN: FR0000051807 – Reuters: TEPRF.PA - Bloomberg: TEP FP), a leading global group in digitally integrated business services, serves as a strategic partner to the world’s largest companies in many industries. It offers a One Office support services model combining three wide, high-value solution families: customer experience management, back-office services and business process knowledge services. These end-to-end digital solutions guarantee successful customer interaction and optimized business processes, anchored in a unique, comprehensive high tech, high touch approach. The Group's 380,000+ employees, based in 83 countries, support billions of connections every year in over 265 languages and over 170 markets, in a shared commitment to excellence as part of the “Simpler, Faster, Safer” process. This mission is supported by the use of reliable, flexible, intelligent technological solutions and compliance with the industry’s highest security and quality standards, based on Corporate Social Responsibility excellence. In 2020, Teleperformance reported consolidated revenue of €5,732 million (US$6.5 billion, based on €1 = $1.14) and net profit of €324 million.

Teleperformance shares are traded on the Euronext Paris market, Compartment A, and are eligible for the deferred settlement service. They are included in the following indices: CAC 40, CAC Support Services, STOXX 600, S&P Europe 350 and MSCI Global Standard. In the area of corporate social responsibility, Teleperformance shares are included in the Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120 index, the FTSE4Good index and the Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility index (formerly Ethibel Sustainability Excellence Europe index).

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