Ipsos Unveils New Look

Paris, July 24th 2019 – Ipsos, the third largest market and opinion research company in the world, today revealed a new brand identity and campaign that focuses on the companies and organisations’ need for reliable data and knowledge-based decision-making.

With an assertive narrative and bold design, Ipsos highlights its True Understanding of Society, Markets and People in an era of relentless change, exponential data and accelerated competition. The campaign, “Be Sure”, illustrates how clients’ can navigate easier in a rapid changing world, making faster, smarter and bolder decisions thanks to the knowledge provided by accurate and relevant information.

Ipsos is the third largest market research company in the world, present in 90 markets and employing more than 18,000 people.  Its research professionals, analysts and scientists have built unique multi-specialist capabilities that provide powerful insights into the actions, opinions and motivations of citizens, consumers, patients, customers or employees. Ipsos’ 75 business solutions are based on primary data coming from surveys, social media monitoring, and qualitative or observational techniques.

Ipsos’ tag-line, “Game Changers”, summarises the company’s ambition to help its 5,000 clients to navigate more easily the deeply changing world.

"In our world of rapid change, the need for reliable information to make confident decisions has never been greater. At Ipsos we believe our clients need more than a data supplier, they need a partner who can produce accurate and relevant information and turn it into actionable truth.  This is why our passionately curious experts not only provide the most precise measurement, but shape it to provide True Understanding of Society, Markets and People. To do this we use the best of science, technology and know-how and apply the principles of security, simplicity, speed and substance to everything we do.  So that our clients can act faster, smarter and bolder.  Ultimately, success comes down to a simple truth: 


Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman and CEO  

To view the new brand identity and campaign, visit our website: https://www.ipsos.com/en-us/about-us



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