There's a Better Youtube on the Horizon

Date : 20/06/2018 @ 18h35
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There's a Better Youtube on the Horizon

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June 20, 2018 -- ADVFN Crypto NewsWire -- In eleven days, the latest professed solution to the holes in our social media world is going live.

UUNIO is a Blockchain network that wants to solve the problem of content creators being paid through unsustainable methods, while also tackling the problems inherent in sites like Reddit and Steemit.

Like Tron but yet unlike Tron at the same time, UNNIO’s grand vision is to usher in a new ecosystem where online content can be created and shared in fairer ways than are being used now.

The main difference between the two networks is simply that UUNIO has, up to now, made their vision as well as their practical offering that will lead to its achievement, quite clear. Tron, on the other hand, has often been criticized for its public documents being riddled with buzzwords and little substance.

A report by Coin Telegraph claims that the most interesting part of UUNIO’s plan is that it aims to offer an improved version of what existing Blockchain social media networks like Steemit offer.

More specifically, they plan to improve upon how Steemit’s upvoting system works as it currently favors richer users. The more Crypto that a user holds on his or her Steemit account, the more that he or she can vote on posts, including their own posts.

Therefore, UUNIO wants to give equal voting power to every user, while at the same time, cutting out the risk of rich users using all of their funds to upvote their own posts.

If someone wanted to get around equal voting, they would apparently have to pool their resources in a concerted effort with other users that is basically synonymous with trying a 51% attack. If you’re not clear on what that it is, it just means taking control of the majority of a Blockchain network, in this case.

UUNIO plans to attract the majority of their users through decentralized apps that all have the main goal of shaking up how our internet world currently works, in different ways. Going back to the network’s primary goal, however, most of the Dapps will work towards changing online content creation for the better.

For example, one Dapp called UUNIREVIEW wants to make the practice of reviewing products and experiences online, impartial and transparent through rewarding customers for every review given.

The downside of this is that there is no punishment and no monitoring of possible false reviews, at least at this time.

On top of UNNIREVIEW, UUNIPRESS will also sit at the heart of the network. Essentially, it plans to be a news outlet which UUNIO claims will reward content creators for “accurate and insightful” content, as opposed to that which is popularly known as “fake news,” today.

As of now, UUNIO has announced two separate, yet related crypto tokens.

The UUNIO token will act as a bridge between the future ecosystem and outside Crypto exchanges, while the UNIFUL token will allow users to purchase content, give donations to to the further development of the platform and create advertisements.

As of now, the UUNIO ICO is live until June 30th. Once the network launches, it is reasonable to assume that all eyes will be on it as it attempts to change the way we interact online for the better.



By: BGN Editorial Staff






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