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Actualités Recentes

Date Heure Source Titre
05/12/202206:01COINTELEGRAPHNovogratz’s Galaxy Digital to acquire Celsius' GK8 in..
05/12/202204:12COINTELEGRAPHNifty News: Reddit NFT mints reach all-time high, EU’s $400K..
05/12/202203:48COINTELEGRAPHAlameda ex-CEO Caroline Ellison spotted in New York, Twitter..
05/12/202202:57COINTELEGRAPHDespite endless media appearances, SBF unlikely to testify..
05/12/202201:59COINTELEGRAPHVitalik Buterin on the crypto blues: Focus on the tech, not..
05/12/202200:39COINTELEGRAPHThanks to Ethereum, 'altcoin' is no longer a slur
04/12/202220:03COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin price consolidation could give way to gains in TON,..
04/12/202219:23COINTELEGRAPHAAX clients storm exchange's office in Lagos following..
04/12/202219:05COINTELEGRAPHMargin trading vs. Futures: What are the differences?
04/12/202217:22COINTELEGRAPHBullish on Bitcoin, US Senator Ted Cruz wants Texas to be a..
04/12/202217:20COINTELEGRAPHHow much is Bitcoin worth today?
04/12/202216:43COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin analysts eye weakening US dollar as BTC price fights..
04/12/202215:34COINTELEGRAPHRegulators face public ire after FTX collapse, experts call..
04/12/202211:50COINTELEGRAPHBybit announces second round of layoffs in 2022 to survive..
04/12/202209:30COINTELEGRAPHElon Musk alleges SBF donated over $1B to Democrats: "Where..
04/12/202206:10COINTELEGRAPHMysterious Bitcoin miner shows off oldest signature dated..
03/12/202222:34COINTELEGRAPHThe FTX collapse continues to unfold, BlockFi announces..
03/12/202222:00COINTELEGRAPHWill Grayscale be the next FTX?
03/12/202221:38COINTELEGRAPHAlameda Research invested $1.15B in crypto miner Genesis..
03/12/202220:03COINTELEGRAPHHow to buy food with Bitcoin?
03/12/202217:05COINTELEGRAPHCrypto lender Genesis allegedly owes $900M to Gemini's..
03/12/202215:03COINTELEGRAPHThe future of smart contract adoption for enterprises
03/12/202211:50COINTELEGRAPHAvalanche to power Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure services..
03/12/202209:05COINTELEGRAPHHow to keep your cryptocurrency safe after the FTX collapse
03/12/202205:50COINTELEGRAPHFTX US ex-president reportedly seeks $6M funding to launch..
03/12/202200:42CRYPTOMININGBLOGOptimizing Nvidia GPUs for Lower Power Usage for Radiant..
02/12/202222:45COINTELEGRAPHNFT Steez and Victor Solomon chat about building in Web3 and..
02/12/202222:30COINTELEGRAPHSouth Korean judge dismisses arrest warrants for Terra..
02/12/202222:15COINTELEGRAPHDeFi ecosystem still haunted by FTX contagion: Finance..
02/12/202222:13COINTELEGRAPHNever mind FTX — Fine arts institutions should still onboard..
02/12/202222:00COINTELEGRAPHOpera Crypto Browser to enable instant NFT minting through..
02/12/202221:45COINTELEGRAPHDXY bounces at major support, reducing Bitcoin’s chance at..
02/12/202221:15COINTELEGRAPHDems and Reps join forces to pressure SBF to testify before..
02/12/202221:06COINTELEGRAPHAnkr says no one should trade aBNBc, only LPs "caught off..
02/12/202220:56COINTELEGRAPHPrice analysis 12/2: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, MATIC,..
02/12/202220:30COINTELEGRAPH3AC bankruptcy process faces challenges amid unknown..
02/12/202219:32COINTELEGRAPHCrypto Community weighs in on SBF’s ‘apology tour’
02/12/202218:44COINTELEGRAPHLegal team for 3AC liquidators blast founders for shifting..
02/12/202217:35COINTELEGRAPHIs Bitcoin the only crypto that will survive FTX? |..
02/12/202216:37COINTELEGRAPHHow NFT court summons could change the legal landscape
02/12/202216:02COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin bulls lie in wait as US dollar strength hits 5-month..
02/12/202215:35COINTELEGRAPHHow smart contracts can improve efficiency in healthcare
02/12/202214:51COINTELEGRAPHAnimoca creates billion-dollar metaverse fund for developers
02/12/202213:57COINTELEGRAPHTrader allegedly saw over 5000x gains after Ankr protocol..
02/12/202213:55COINTELEGRAPHApeCoin risks 30% crash after APE staking debut in December
02/12/202213:37COINTELEGRAPHThai VC fund acquires troubled exchange Zipmex for $100M:..
02/12/202212:27COINTELEGRAPHBitcoin miner outflow ratio hits 6-month high in new threat..
02/12/202211:42COINTELEGRAPHUkraine collabs with international consultants to update..
02/12/202211:15COINTELEGRAPHNew Cardano algorithmic stablecoin evokes old fears for the..
02/12/202210:47COINTELEGRAPHCrypto miners in Russia capitalize on the bear market by..
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