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Rémy Cointreau (Paris:RCO) has a centuries-long history of working to preserve and pass on the terroirs that are the cradle of its exceptional wines and spirits. From vines to orange trees and from cereals to sugar cane, the Group committed very early on to securing certification for its terroirs in pursuit of responsible and sustainable farming.

Faced with the reality of climate change, the Group now has a dual responsibility to not only protect its terroirs but also to promote them as a “solution”. It must ensure its living soils play their full part in combating global warming by cultivating their biodiversity and maximising their potential for carbon sequestration.

That is the vision behind Rémy Cointreau’s new partnership with Genesis (formerly Greenback SAS), which uses a combination of soil samples and metadata to measure the impact of farming practices on soil, based on three key indicators: pollution, biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

This project will help drive forward Rémy Cointreau’s Research and Development strategy in the areas of wine growing and cereal crops, enabling the Group to help wine growers and farmers adopt increasingly climate- and biodiversity-friendly practices.

About Genesis (formerly Greenback SAS):

Genesis is the first worldwide agency rating the environmental health of soils. Founded in 2019, it has worked with laboratories both public (CNRS-ENS) and private (Mérieux, Trace Genomics) to develop a system for evaluating carbon, biodiversity and pollution levels in soil. The resulting rating, correlated with farming practices, is designed to improve soil health, yield and resilience to risk.

About Rémy Cointreau:

All around the world, there are clients seeking exceptional experiences; clients for whom a wide range of terroirs means a variety of flavours. Their exacting standards are proportional to our expertise – the finely-honed skills that we pass down from generation to generation. The time these clients devote to drinking our products is a tribute to all those who have worked to develop them. It is for these men and women that Rémy Cointreau, a family-owned French Group, protects its terroirs, cultivates exceptional multi-centenary wine and spirits, and undertakes to preserve their eternal modernity. The Group’s portfolio includes 14 singular brands, such as the Rémy Martin and Louis X III cognacs, and Cointreau liqueur. Rémy Cointreau has a single ambition: becoming the world leader in exceptional spirits. To this end, it relies on the commitment and creativity of its 1830 employees and on its distribution subsidiaries established in the Group’s strategic markets. Rémy Cointreau is listed on Euronext Paris.

Laetitia Delaye (CSR): +33 7 87 25 36 01 Célia d’Everlange (Financial Communication): +33 6 03 65 46 78

Remy Cointreau (EU:RCO)
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Remy Cointreau (EU:RCO)
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