• On approval, Felpreva® will be licensed for treatment in cats with, or at risk from, mixed ectoparasite infestations and endoparasite infections, and will be exclusively indicated when ectoparasites, cestodes and nematodes are targeted at the same time.

Vetoquinol (Paris: VETO) today announced that the European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP) has adopted a positive opinion recommending the granting of a marketing authorization of Felpreva® spot-on solution (tigolaner, emodepside, praziquantel). Felpreva® is proposed to treat endoparasite infestations, as well as for treatment and control of ectoparasites in cats.1

Felpreva® is a fixed combination product in the form of a spot-on parasiticide solution for the treatment of cats when ectoparasites, cestodes and nematodes are targeted at the same time.1

“We are delighted to receive this positive opinion from the CVMP for Felpreva® for the treatment and prevention of fleas, worms, ticks and mites in cats. The parasiticide market is one of Vetoquinol’s key strategic therapy areas and today’s milestone marks Vetoquinol’s ongoing commitment to this essential category of veterinary medicines,” said Matthieu Frenchin, CEO of Vetoquinol.

Following an anticipated positive decision from the European Medicines Agency on Vetoquinol’s application for marketing authorization of Felpreva®, the veterinary medicinal product is expected to be available to veterinarians across Europe in 2022.

For any specific enquiries about Felpreva®, please email: juliana.carrer@vetoquinol.com



1 EMA Summary of Positive Opinion – Felpreva. 2021. Available from: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/

medicines/veterinary/summaries-opinion/felpreva [Accessed 10 September 2021].

About Vetoquinol

Vetoquinol is a leading global animal health company committed to delivering breakthrough therapies that improve the lives of animals and support the diverse needs of veterinarians around the world.

With a range of successful and trusted veterinary parasiticide products, Vetoquinol has rapidly become an important player in the global companion animal veterinary parasiticides market.

As an independent family-owned company, focussed on veterinary medicines, Vetoquinol designs, develops and sells veterinary drugs and non-medicinal products in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.

Since its foundation in 1933, Vetoquinol has been focussed on creating strong mutually beneficial partnerships with veterinary professionals, building a genuine relationship of trust with its customers, in line with its mission to “achieve more together”.

Vetoquinol employed 2,525 people as of June 30th, 2021.

Vetoquinol has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2006 (symbol: VETO).

For further information, go to: www.vetoquinol.com.

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