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- 19/12/2023 02:49
dollsdeger Messages postés: 26 - Membre depuis: 30/10/2023

The violin (English: Violin) is a four-string bowed instrument. It is one of the most important instruments in the string section of the modern orchestra. It is generally divided into two parts: the first violin and the second violin in orchestral works. Real Dolls The violin is the main part. Characterized by its brilliant sound, high level of playing technique and rich, wide range of expressive power. It is also called the queen[1] or queen of musical instruments.

The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched member of the violin family [2]. Violins larger than it include the viola, cello and double bass.

The violin can be played with the symphony orchestra. The violin is in front of the stage (the one closest to the conductor is also called the first violin), and the symphony orchestra accompanies the violin behind. The music played in this form of performance is called a violin concerto; the violin can also be played with the piano.Mini Sex Dolls Performance, generally violin sonatas are played in this form; violins can also play chamber music together with viola and cello, called string trio, string quartet, string quintet, etc.

When it comes to violin design, it must involve the artistic views and technical methods of the original designer of the violin. Modern mathematics is a tool of technology, but in the Renaissance mathematics was the enlightenment of art. Proportion and sequence were elements of aesthetic study and were adopted by all artists. A master violin maker is not just a mathematician but a true artist,Mollige Sexpuppen and the overall coordination and consistency of the violin dominates the entire design.

The shape of the violin can be considered to be composed of many arc lines. Arcs can be used to approximate the outline of the violin, but not all are arcs. The original designer first used a compass to draw the connected arcs, and then used his artistic vision to modify and bend the arcs into the final shape. Use a pen and knife to modify the pattern during production, smoothing and smoothing a curve composed of a sufficient number of arcs. The curves at the top and bottom of the violin are designed using the classic method of designing bridge arches, and some people think they resemble the shape of a basket handle. The curvature of the piano board is shaped like a vertical chain line, and the spiral head is designed to imitate the graceful spiral shape on ancient Greek columns.Beste Sexpuppen Of course, in addition to using arcs, some other lines may also be used.

The compass and ruler were tools both for ancient geometers and medieval architects, as well as for designing musical instruments. Generally, musical instrument designers try to place the center point and arc in different positions, and draw the outline of the instrument after many trials. However, master-level musical instrument designers design a shape that is both beautiful and meets performance requirements after careful conceiving. At the same time, they also carefully consider the consistency of the inside and outside, as well as the acoustic harmony, so that the violin they make is not only beautiful but also meets the performance requirements.Lebensechte Sexpuppen It has a beautiful appearance and is easy to play. More importantly, it has beautiful and touching tone, loud and full strength, penetrating volume and satisfactory cadence control.

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