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- 03/1/2024 08:32
hnijsahdfafajsfaw Messages postés: 15 - Membre depuis: 01/12/2023

Penguins belong to the family Spheniscidae of the order Penguin (scientific name: Sphenisciformes) and are a kind of flightless bird.

Mainly living in the southern hemisphere, there are currently 19 known species of penguins in the world, and two other species are extinct.BBW Sexpuppen Most of them are distributed in the Antarctic region. Among them, the Peruvian penguins, South American penguins and South African penguins of the genus Circumpenguin are distributed in temperate areas with lower latitudes. As for the island penguins, their distribution is closer to the equator. Only the emperor penguins and Amur penguins live completely in the polar regions. Two species of Deli penguins. The height of penguins is about 40 to 130cm, and the weight is about 1 to 45kg. The smallest in the penguin family is the little blue penguin, and the largest is the emperor doll

Penguins can be said to be the birds that are least afraid of the cold. Its whole body is densely covered with feathers, and its subcutaneous fat is two to three centimeters thick. This special insulation structure allows it to live freely in the ice and snow.

The now extinct auk, which was once distributed in the Arctic, may be as cold-resistant as penguins, and the two have similar appearances. They were once mistakenly believed to be related. When the auk was discovered, Europeans named it the same as the penguin.

Penguins share the same characteristics as other birds: feathers, a pointed and protruding hard beak, and feet with claws and scales. But unlike other birds, they cannot fly due to the evolution of their wings. They are also unlike other walking birds (such as chickens and ostriches) that are not good at flying, because their bodies are chubby and not good at running. But penguins have webbed toes and their wings have evolved into paddle shapes. This body structure makes penguins good swimmers.Silikonsexpuppen

Penguins on land either stand upright or walk. Because of their chubby body, they walk slowly and have a cute figure. Under the ice and snow, if they are chased by natural enemies, they will press their abdomen against the ice and use their feet to push away quickly. The predators of penguins are sea lions and seals, and the animals that coexist with them are seagulls.reife Sexpuppen

Penguin's residence
Penguins live mainly in the polar regions, in inaccessible places.Billige Sexpuppen Most penguins live in the cold zone, and only a few live in the tropics. Penguins don't like hot weather and are only happy in cold climates. Therefore, the largest number of penguins live along the coast of Antarctica.

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