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Comparison Of Sex Doll Heads Made From Different Materials

- 02/3/2024 10:38
dollsdeger Messages postés: 26 - Membre depuis: 30/10/2023

We receive many inquiries from our customers, the most common of which is: How do the Love Doll feel? This question actually has the same answer as the question we are going to answer now, which is how to choose oral sex dolls. An adequate answer to this question can be given with a detailed understanding of the properties of the materials used in sex dolls.

*TPE sex dolls are capable of oral sex. The TPE material is very elastic, and during the molding process, a structure with an oral cavity is created at the factory, which allows the Sexdoll to perform oral sex. The depth of the oral cavity is usually 10-13 cm and can be viewed on the sex doll product page. The oral cavity is also available in patterns that provide a better experience. Generally there are two types of patterns: stripes or bumps, depending on the manufacturer. For an even more realistic experience, you can also add a tongue or a removable tongue to your sex doll to make the experience even more intense.

Normal hard silicone sex dolls do not have heads for oral sex. The mouth structure is not incorporated into the mold by the manufacturer and the mouth is always closed. Some silicone heads can open their mouth slightly to express certain facial expressions, but they cannot be adjusted to imitate an open or closed mouth. Even if you cut into a New Sex Dolls mouth, the material lacks the elasticity needed for oral sex.

*Soft silicone heads are relatively new and unique in terms of material. They are intended for those who prefer a delicate appearance but still want to practice oral sex. The soft silicone heads not only support oral sex, but also offer a pay-per-view option for removable jaws. More and more manufacturers are now offering Teen Sex Doll with realistic mouth structures. Heads with removable jaws often feature realistic oral structures such as soft teeth and tongues. With a removable jaw, you can control the opening of the sex doll's mouth to give her a more realistic expression. Click here to learn more details about the oral function of sex dolls.

Finally, this blog gives a comprehensive answer to the question of how Billige Sexpuppen lovers can choose a head for oral sex dolls. If you would like to learn more, we encourage you to register with us for more information.

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