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- 13/12/2023 09:42
hnijsahdfafajsfaw Messages postés: 15 - Membre depuis: 01/12/2023

Salmon (English: salmon), also transliterated as salmon (Cantonese pronunciation), is the general name for several species of euryhaline ray-finned fish of the order Salmonidae and subfamily Salmoninae that have high commercial value for fisheries, Love Doll among which the main Refers to the six species of Pacific salmon that inhabit the North Pacific basin (Oncorhynchus salmon, king salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, coho salmon and cherry trout/matsu salmon) and one species that inhabits the North Atlantic basin. Atlantic salmon (the only species of the genus Salmo called "salmon") are mostly carnivorous predatory fish in the middle of the food chain.
Salmon have the habit of upstream migration. In the early stage of their life cycle, they hatch into juvenile fish in the freshwater environment of the upper reaches of the river and feed on insects and crustaceans. When they reach adulthood, they migrate to seawater and prey on other small fish and aquatic animals.Echte Sexpuppen During the breeding period, they will flow upstream back to their freshwater birthplace inland to spawn. Pacific salmon usually die within a few weeks after breeding is completed. Due to their migratory habits, salmon can carry the biomass absorbed in the marine ecosystem upstream to the inland freshwater ecosystem. It is very important to both the water and terrestrial ecosystems along the way and is one of the cornerstone species of nature.
For humans, salmon is one of the most important common food fishes (salmonids account for about one-fifth of global food fish sales). It is also a very popular type of high-value sport fish for recreational fishing. In addition to commercial In addition to fishing, there are artificial breeding all over the world.

The earliest known salmon is Eosalmo driftwoodensis, which lived in the Eocene Epoch 34 to 56 million years ago.Großer Po Sexpuppen Fossil specimens of this species help scientists study how different species of salmon evolved from a common ancestor. The specimen found in British Columbia shows that divergent evolution between Pacific and Atlantic salmon had not yet begun 40 million years ago. Fossil evidence and mitochondrial DNA studies infer that the divergent evolution of the two genera occurred approximately 20 to 10 million years ago.
Among the more than 300 species of fish in the family Salmonidae, there are a total of seven species of salmon that are relatively representative, have high commercial value and are generally recognized by fisheries, coming from two different genera belonging to the North Atlantic and North Pacific basins. .
Most fish species in the genera Trout and Salmon are called trout.Kleine Brüste Sexpuppen Bluntnose and Wrapper trout of the genus Trout are sometimes called "Adriatic salmon" and "black sea salmon" in English-speaking countries. In addition, although rainbow trout and brown trout also have anadromous subspecies (steelhead and sea trout) that are similar in appearance and habits to salmon, they are generally not considered salmon.

In addition, the genus Salmonidae (specifically Salmon and Danube), which do not belong to the subfamily Salmoninae, are large salmonid freshwater fish related to salmon and trout, and are sometimes colloquially called "salmons" kind of. There are also some fish that do not belong to the order Salmoniformes at all.Sextorso They are also called "salmon" by locals because their meat quality and ecological niche are similar to Atlantic salmon.

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