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Heavy Metal Music

- 05/1/2024 03:06
dollsdeger Messages postés: 26 - Membre depuis: 30/10/2023

Heavy metal music (English: Heavy metal music), often referred to as metal, is a subgenre of rock music and generally refers to all music styles with metal music characteristics. Heavy metal music emerged in the United Kingdom and the United States in the late 1960s. It originated from blues rock and psychedelic rock, and then evolved from more violent hard rock. It is a thick, loud music characterized by powerful vocals, lots of highly distorted electric guitars, extended and technical guitar solos, and dense and fast drum beats. The whole thing is very "heavy" and is significantly different from other music, hence the term "heavy metal".Silikon sexpuppe

In 1968, the first heavy metal bands appeared in the UK such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. In 1980, Judas Saint abandoned the blues elements and unified the tone of metal music. Motorhead merged metal with punk rock and violently improved it. Speed ​​and explosive power. Then came the British New Wave of Heavy Metal, the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, and the New Wave of American Metal. Music movements such as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal,Anime sexpuppen the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal, and the New Wave of American Metal emerged one after another, developing numerous sub-genres in different directions such as hardcore, extreme, classical, melancholy, folk, and avant-garde. The musical characteristics of these sub-genres are all different, and are usually distinguished by the instruments used, the severity of the distorted tone, the speed of the rhythm, the proportion of melody, chords, scales, singing, lyric themes, and music structure.

Author Ian Christie describes the elements of the word: "Heavy has a similar meaning to strong and deep,Mollige Sexpuppen while metal describes the bitter emotion of grinding".

On January 29, 1968, Steppenwolf released the song "Born to Be Wild". The lyrics mentioned that the motorcycle made a "heavy metal thunder", which was the first time in history that this word was written into the lyrics.

In a music review article for Rolling Stone magazine on May 11, 1968, Barry Giffer commented on Electric Flag's album "Forever": "This is the new soul, white blues and heavy metal rock. complex".große brüste sexpuppen This is the first documented use of the term "heavy metal" to describe a musical genre.

In 1983, the "Rolling Stone Rock Encyclopedia" had this passage: "With an aggressive hard rock style based on blues, Air Blacksmith was the top heavy metal band in the United States in the mid-1970s."Sex Doll Torso Therefore, the terms "heavy metal" and "hard rock" are often used interchangeably, especially when referring to bands from the 1970s, as the two terms have very similar meanings.

Heavy metal music is a modified rock music that contains elements such as high explosiveness, speed, weight, and destructiveness. It is "heavy" and "fast" compared to other music. "Heavy" is due to the special emphasis on the lowered scale of electric guitars and electric basses; "fast" is due to the fact that the beat of general pop music is usually 80-130BPM, and heavy metal music often reaches 200BPM or higher. Heavy metal music also places great emphasis on guitar solos, which has led to the emergence of a large number of technical musicians pursuing fast guitar playing, which has also influenced the diversified development of musical equipment such as effectors.

New York Times music critic Joan Parellis said: "Within the pop music genre, heavy metal is an important subgenre of hard rock that uses less syncopation, less blues, and more emphasis on stage performance. charisma and soaring power.” Jeffery, a psychologist at Clark University in the United States. Arnett said that metal music is: "the sensory equivalent of war." Tina Weinstein, a sociologist at Imperial College in the United States, said: "Just as melody is an element of pop music and rhythm is the focus of house music; shocking sound effects, timbre and volume are the key elements of metal music. Metal music The high volume is used to involve the listener and give it a shot in the arm.”

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