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A Cappella

- 03/1/2024 10:59
dollsdeger Messages postés: 26 - Membre depuis: 30/10/2023

A cappella, Chinese transliteration Acapella or Acapella (Italian: A cappella), refers to pure vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. Also called Abe or Abe for short.

In medieval European churches, the only music was hymns with pure human voices without instrumental accompaniment. In order to distinguish sacred songs and secular music in churches, people began to call music with pure human voices without accompaniment "sacred" music. And the Italian is "a cappella".Silikon sexpuppen

Today's famous a cappella groups include The King's Singers, Voces8, Swinger Singers, Take 6, Real Voices, Pentatonix, VoicePlay, Home Free, New York Voices, Manhattan Transit Station Choir, and Japan's Temple Fathers (Chorus group).

Acapella has also become popular in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan in recent years. For example, Oukai Chorus, the winner of the Best Vocal Group Award at Taiwan's 2013 Golden Melody Awards, is an a cappella choir.Anime sexpuppe

The original meaning of Italian is "in church style", which generally refers to unaccompanied chorus or duet, as well as music composed for it. In the history of music and ancient music, it was originally a style of European church music and has nothing to do with accompaniment. However, in the 19th century, the Renaissance polyphonic music revived, and people often mistakenly believed that the vocal part of the music did not require instruments to be played at the same time. The meaning of the word gradually evolved to refer specifically to unaccompanied vocal music.Riesige Brüste Sexpuppen

The literal translation of the Italian word "a cappella" into English is "in chapel", which means "in the church". Later, it was turned into an adjective and a noun, and was used to specifically refer to a style of church music. Its characteristics are

The whole song, or part of it, is polyphonic.
Relatively simple, the lyrics are easy to understand.Asiatische Sexpuppen
There are multiple groups, no accompaniment, or simple accompaniment with humming song melody.
In a broad sense, if the above conditions 1 and 3 are met, or simply condition 3, it can refer to church music, so as a musical form, a cappella is not necessarily "unaccompanied".

In Renaissance music, musicians used the church as the stage to compose complex and luxurious music. In the end, it was not clear whether it was a religious ceremony or a concert, and the important lyrics were difficult to understand. In response to this situation, the Holy See advocated the simplicity of church music in various church reforms, so the a cappella form was born. Representative composers include Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594), whose works are generally relatively easy to understand.Sex Doll Torso

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