Eramet: Purchase of own shares

        Paris, 4 December 2023, 6:00 p.m.


Eramet: Purchase of own shares

Eramet announces the purchase of 10,000 of its own shares related to the allocation of bonus shares under the provisions of Articles L. 225-197-1 et seq. and L. 22-10-59 and L. 22-10-60 of the French Commercial Code (to cover the free allocation of shares to employees and corporate officer).

  • Aggregated presentation per day and per market        
Name of issuer Identification code of issuer (Legal Entity Identifier) Day of transaction Identification code of financial instrument Aggregated daily volume (in number of shares) Daily weighted average price of the purchased shares * Market (MIC Code)
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 27/11/2023 FR0000131757 96 71.40 CEUX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 27/11/2023 FR0000131757 61 71.70 TQEX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 27/11/2023 FR0000131757 1,843 71.67 XPAR
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 28/11/2023 FR0000131757 51 70.85 AQEU
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 28/11/2023 FR0000131757 77 70.40 CEUX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 28/11/2023 FR0000131757 1,872 70.57 XPAR
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 29/11/2023 FR0000131757 16 70.90 CEUX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 29/11/2023 FR0000131757 1 71.20 TQEX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 29/11/2023 FR0000131757 1,983 71.06 XPAR
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 30/11/2023 FR0000131757 25 71.40 AQEU
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 30/11/2023 FR0000131757 68 71.28 CEUX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 30/11/2023 FR0000131757 1,907 71.24 XPAR
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 01/12/2023 FR0000131757 94 72.70 TQEX
ERAMET 549300LUH78PG2MP6N64 01/12/2023 FR0000131757 1,906 72.28 XPAR
* Two-digit rounding after the decimal TOTAL 10,000 71.37    
  • Details per transaction

Detailed information regarding purchase of own shares (week of November 27th, 2023) is available on Eramet website:


21.02.2024: Publication of 2023 Group annual results

25.04.2024: Publication of 2024 Group first-quarter turnover


Eramet transforms the Earth’s mineral resources to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to the growth of the industry and to the challenges of the energy transition.

Its employees are committed to this through their civic and contributory approach in all the countries where the mining and metallurgical group is present.

Manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium, and cobalt: Eramet recovers and develops metals that are essential to the construction of a more sustainable world.

As a privileged partner of its industrial clients, the Group contributes to making robust and resistant infrastructures and constructions, more efficient means of mobility, safer health tools and more efficient telecommunications devices.

Fully committed to the era of metals, Eramet’s ambition is to become a reference for the responsible transformation of the Earth’s mineral resources for living well together.

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