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Kropz (KRPZ)

Kropz Plc
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20/06/202408h52RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Update Mineral Resource Estimate - ElandsfonteinLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
10/06/202413h33Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz knows of no reason for share price surgeLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
10/06/202412h05RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Statement regarding share price movementLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
03/04/202419h42Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: Saint-Gobain buys Bailey Group; Kropz inks loanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
03/04/202417h22RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Drawdown on Bridge Loan and BNP Loan UpdateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/03/202415h08Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Kitwave buys Total Foodservice for GBP21 millionLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/03/202413h11RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Drawdown on Bridge Loan FacilitiesLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/03/202413h00Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz reports GBP30.2 million revenue; annual loss narrowsLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/03/202409h22RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Unaudited Results for 12 Months ended 31 Dec 2023LSE:KRPZKropz Plc
27/03/202412h16Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Sorted renews M&S deal; Tribe completes drill buildLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
27/03/202408h00RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Further loan facilityLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
29/02/202414h00Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz financial manager resigns, names successorLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
29/02/202408h00RNS Regulatory NewsKropz PLC Management UpdateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
24/01/202413h31Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz sells phosphate concentrate to Kropz ElandsfonteinLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
24/01/202411h48UK RegulatoryKropz PLC Trading UpdateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
17/01/202415h21Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz makes final drawdown of ZAR52.5 million on loanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
21/12/202310h13UK RegulatoryKropz PLC BNP Loan Facility Agreement UpdateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
15/12/202322h26Alliance NewsAlliance NewsEARNINGS AND TRADING: Smoove says acquisition by Digcom approvedLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
15/12/202312h13UK RegulatoryKropz PLC Further loan facility, update on BNP Paribas loanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
08/12/202313h29Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz makes final drawdown on ZAR550 million facilityLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
08/12/202313h06UK RegulatoryKropz PLC Drawdown on Equity Facility and Bridge LoanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
08/11/202316h07Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz changes accounting reference dates to March-endLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
08/11/202315h33UK RegulatoryKropz PLC Change of Accounting Reference DateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
23/10/202314h30Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz makes ZAR75 million drawdown on bridge loan facilitiesLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
03/10/202312h49Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz shares jump as receives extension for outstanding loanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
03/10/202312h04UK RegulatoryKropz PLC BNP loan facility agreement updateLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/09/202315h06Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz interim loss narrows as notes record rainfallLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
28/09/202313h47UK RegulatoryKropz PLC Unaudited Half Year ResultsLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
18/09/202318h07Alliance NewsAlliance NewsTRADING UPDATES: Kropz makes ZAR155 million draw down on loanLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
14/09/202320h00Alliance NewsAlliance NewsIN BRIEF: Kropz says Elandsfontein gets ZAR250 million loan facilityLSE:KRPZKropz Plc
 Showing the most relevant articles for your search:LSE:KRPZ