The acquisition will notably help enrich the Axway solution to meet evolving e-invoicing compliance requirements.

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a global leader in B2B Integration and EDI, announced today that it has acquired AdValvas, a European expert in e-invoicing processes. The acquisition further enhances Axway's position as a leader in B2B integration and adds new capabilities in the area of invoicing and compliance. These include embedded support for Peppol and the VAT reform in France, as well other worldwide B2G (Business-to-Government) and B2B e-invoicing mandates.

“AdValvas has been at the forefront of Peppol and e-invoicing for the past decade, helping steer the direction of invoice compliance around the globe," said Axway CEO Patrick Donovan. "We are thrilled to welcome AdValvas and look forward to leveraging their deep expertise to help our customers navigate the delicate compliance waters ahead."

The timing of this acquisition is significant when considering new regulatory requirements for B2B invoicing in France, which will have a significant impact starting in 2024. B2G e-invoicing is already mandatory for all public procurements in the EU, and with more countries moving to Continuous Transaction Control (CTC), B2B e-invoicing has become an operational imperative.

AdValvas has a strong reputation in the industry for its ability to help companies streamline their invoicing processes and meet the complex requirements of global B2B integration. With the addition of AdValvas to the Axway portfolio, customers can expect expert guidance alongside a comprehensive solution that allows them to do business in a global, standards-driven, and always up-to-date manner – whatever the country.

“Axway’s acquisition of our company marks a significant milestone in our growth journey,” says Michel Gilis, formerly CEO of AdValvas and now Axway VP e-Invoicing. “We remain committed to delivering high-quality products and services to our valued customers, employees, and stakeholders, and we will stay focused and contribute to the standards and best practices on a global scale. We look forward to continuing to serve you as part of the Axway family.”

AdValvas will operate as a subsidiary of Axway, and its products and services will be integrated into Axway B2B Integration Platform.

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About AdValvas

AdValvas is positioned at the crossroads of IT and finance and delivers superior functionality to various stakeholders in businesses of any size. We deliver high value services to our customers by combining in-depth knowledge of e-invoice and e-delivery standards with a unique set of solutions. We take it as our duty to bridge the gaps for our clients and so enable e-procurement automation in a single digital market Europe and beyond.

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