Societe Generale: Disclosure of regulatory capital requirements effective from 1st January 2024


Paris, 30 November 2023

The European Central Bank notified Societe Generale of the level of its Pillar 2 Requirement (P2R), which will apply from 1st January 2024. It stands at 2.42%, including 1.44% in the form of CET1. This level includes the additional requirement of 0.17% regarding Pillar 2 prudential expectations on calendar provisioning relating to non-performing loans granted before 26th April 2019, which must now be fully covered by CET11.

Considering the combined regulatory buffers, the minimum requirements from 1st January 2024 applicable to Societe Generale on a consolidated basis will be 10.22% for the CET1 ratio (including 0.79% on Countercyclical buffers compared to 0.56% at the end of September 2023), 12.14% for the Tier 1 ratio and 14.71% for the Total Capital ratio.

The European Central Bank also notified Societe Generale of a Leverage Ratio P2R (LR-P2R) requirement of 0.1%, bringing the minimum leverage ratio requirement to 3.6% from 1st January 2024 (vs. 3.5% previously).

With a CET1 ratio at 13.3%2 as of 30th September 2023, the Group benefits from a comfortable pro-forma buffer of more than 300 basis points above regulatory requirements. Similarly, the Group's leverage ratio stood at 4.17% as of 30th September 2023, well above the requirement of 3.6%.

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Societe Generale

Societe Generale is a top tier European Bank with 117,000 employees serving 25 million clients in more than 60 countries across the world. We have been supporting the development of our economies for nearly 160 years, providing our corporate, institutional, and individual clients with a wide array of value-added advisory and financial solutions. Our long-lasting and trusted relationships with the clients, our cutting-edge expertise, our unique innovation, our ESG capabilities and leading franchises are part of our DNA and serve our most essential objective - to deliver sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders.The Group runs three complementary sets of businesses, embedding ESG offerings for all its clients:

  • French Retail, Private Banking and Insurance, with leading retail bank SG and insurance franchise, premium private banking services, and the leading digital Bank BoursoBank.
  • Global Banking and Investor Solutions, a top tier wholesale bank offering tailored-made solutions with distinctive global leadership in Equity Derivatives, Structured Finance and ESG.
  • International Retail, Mobility & Leasing Services, comprising well-established universal banks (in Czech Republic, Romania and several African countries), Ayvens (the new ALD I LeasePlan brand), a global player in sustainable mobility, as well as specialized financing activities.

Committed to building together with its clients a better and sustainable future, Societe Generale aims to be a leading partner in the environmental transition and sustainability overall. The Group is included in the principal socially responsible investment indices: DJSI (Europe), FTSE4Good (Global and Europe), Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index, Euronext Vigeo (Europe and Eurozone), STOXX Global ESG Leaders indexes, and the MSCI Low Carbon Leaders Index (World and Europe).

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1 Compared to 56.25% previously out of the 0.14% requirement applicable for 2023.2 Including IFRS 9 phasing. Based on CRR2/CRD5 rules, including the Danish compromise for insurance.


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