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Ethercoin (ETCR)

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Les bases de Ethercoin

Statut Actif
Type d'actif: Coin
Site Web:
Description: Ethercoin is a proof-of-stake blockchain with a fixed supply of coins provably backed by REAL ethers purchased from the Ethereum sale. Each Ethercoin is worth 1 ether. Ethercoin was created so that people who missed out on the official etherum sale will be able to buy ethers.

Ethercoin Techniques

Code source:
Exploitable: Non
Type de travail: PoS
Récompense de blocage de PoS: Voir les informations de récompense du PoS
Informations sur le Récompense PoS:
No inflation.
Heure du bloc PoS (sec): 60
Premine: Inconnu
Date du Genesis: -
Approvisionnement maximal: 1 000 000 ETCR

Ethercoin Social

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