As international travel for leisure and business continues to gather momentum, easy access to reliable and cost-effective testing is paramount to ensure safe and hassle-free travel experiences. Alongside further vaccination levels, wide-spread testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and sequencing of positive samples, remains crucial to keep the pandemic under control and potentially avoid breeding grounds for further variants. Eurofins (Paris:ERF) remains fully committed to providing holistic testing services for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), not only through home-testing solutions, but also through an extensive, ever-increasing network of testing centers in travel hubs.

To support millions of passengers in the coming months, Eurofins has rapidly expanded its network of strategically located testing centers to about 1000 across Europe, adding around 500 centers to the network within the last 6 weeks. These sampling stations, in about 20 countries across Europe, cover most major business and tourist hubs. Eurofins intends to keep growing this network and provide unparalleled testing coverage to facilitate European and global travel.

Airports play a major role as travel gateways, and Eurofins has established test centers in 40 airports in Europe. Over 30 testing centers in and near major train stations, such as Brussels-south and Paris Roissy airport train stations, and seaports for cruise ship testing, such as Southampton, Athens and Barcelona complement Eurofins’ existing network of testing centers at travel hubs.

Additionally, Eurofins offers drive-through testing centers on several major highways and airport access roads, recently opening drive-through testing centers in the UK and Germany, as well as the deployment of an increasing number of mobile sampling buses across Europe.

Eurofins continues to invest in laboratory capacity and IT solutions to ensure fast turn-around times for test results (as low as 6 hours, in some cases, after receiving the sample at the laboratory for gold standard PCR tests). Eurofins operates an intuitive web portal in 19 languages, to book testing appointments and access testing information.

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