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Ikonisys SA (ISIN Code: FR00140048X2 / Mnemonic: ALIKO) (Paris:ALIKO), a company specializing in the early and accurate detection of cancer with a unique fully-automated solution for medical diagnostic labs, announces the first successful sale and installation of the Ikoniscope20max, the new configuration of the Ikoniscope20 with a high-volume slide loader. The client is a large volume, specialized urology laboratory, located in the Midwest USA.

The Ikoniscope20max allows laboratories to automatically process up to 160 FISH slides without any further human intervention. By way of example, the operator of a laboratory processing hundreds of slides per week could load the full rack of 160 slides on a Friday afternoon and start the scanning. On Monday morning they will find all those slides analyzed and reported.

The Ikoniscope20max provides the same performance as the Ikoniscope20 both in terms of speed and accuracy of the results and the instrument has been shown to continue providing better performances if used in combination with Ikonisys optimized FISH reagents.

This development follows the timeline presented by the management during the IPO, allowing the company to address a broader market consisting of laboratories that process a very large number of slides per week or that have specific needs in terms of timing.

Mario Crovetto, CEO of Ikonisys stated: “This milestone will support the solid growth expected for the current year and we are looking forward to pursuing the deployment of our commercial strategy which is now producing its first tangible results”.

About Ikonisys

Ikonisys SA is a cell-based diagnostics company based in Paris (France), New Haven (Connecticut, USA) and Milan (Italy) specialized in the early and accurate detection of cancer. The company develops, produces and markets the proprietary Ikoniscope20® platform, a fully-automated solution designed to deliver accurate and reliable detection and analysis of rare and very rare cells. Ikonisys has received FDA clearance for several automated diagnostic applications, which are also marketed in Europe under CE certification. Through its breakthrough fluorescence microscopy platform, the company continues to develop a stream of new tests, including liquid biopsy tests based on Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC).

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