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Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies (Paris:ALHGR) (ISIN: FR0013451044, Ticker: ALHGR) (“Hoffmann Green” or the “Company”), a pioneer in clinker-free low-carbon cement, today announces the granting of a Chinese patent for its H-P2A technology.

After the United States in 2020 and Europe in 2021, Hoffmann Green Cement is developing the intellectual property of its H-P2A technology with the issuance of this third patent. The H-P2A patent has been validated by the Chinese Patent Office under the number CN ZL201680018574.9.

As a reminder, the H-P2A (High Performance Alkaline Activation) technology is a geopolymer technology allowing the formulation of decarbonated cements, based on co-products from the industry, intended for the industrial mortar and glue market.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, said: "We are very proud to extend the intellectual property of our H-P2A technology to a market with such great potential as China. The achievement of this first milestone marks our commitment to raising the barriers to entry in as many markets as possible around the world."

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About Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

Founded in 2014, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies designs, produces and distributes innovative

clinker-free low-carbon cement with a substantially lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. Fully aware of the environmental emergency and the need to reconcile the construction sector, cement manufacturing and the environment, the Group believes it is at the heart of a genuine technological breakthrough based on altering cement’s composition and the creation of a heating-free and clean manufacturing process, without clinker. Hoffmann Green’s cements, currently manufactured on a first 4.0 industrial site with no kiln nor chimney in western France, address all construction sector markets and present, at equivalent dosage and with no alteration in the concrete manufacturing process, higher performances than traditional cement.

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