EASE2PAY N.V. today publishes the 2021 annual report

Mobile payment service provider Ease2pay shows a clear improvement of its revenues over 2021, despite the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Ease2pay achieved a turnover on its platform of EUR 354 thousand in 2021 (2020: EUR 197 thousand). Turnover rose sharply as a result of an increase in the number of parking transactions and the additional revenues from the acquisition of the parking activities of Monotch B.V. in August 2021.

The operating result (EBITDA) amounted to a loss of EUR 587 thousand (2020: EUR 529 thousand) and the net loss was EUR 808 thousand (2020: EUR 740 thousand). The net loss is to a large extent the result of an increase in advisory and consultancy expenses to EUR 327 thousand (2020: EUR 110 thousand) caused by legal advisory fees in connection with the acquisition of Involtum Holding B.V..

This press release contains information that qualifies, or possibly qualifies, as inside information within the meaning of Article 7(1) of the European Market Abuse Regulation.This press release is a translation of a press release in the Dutch language of the same date. In the event of differences between the meaning of this press release and the Dutch press release, the wording of the Dutch press release will prevail.

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About Ease2payEase2pay offers an intelligent activation and payment platform. We assist operators of petrol stations, charging stations, parking garages, motorhome areas, marinas, inland ports and truck parking areas to accommodate self-service on their site, facilitating the energy transition for their customers. Book – Park – Charge & Pay; immediately and easily available in one app.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 28 april 2022More information:         EASE2PAY N.V., J.H.L. Borghuis, Tel. 010 3074619Corporate website:        www.ease2paynv.com



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